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The NSW Inn is located right next door to the QEST4  training facility 


206 W Pope St

Sylvester, GA 31791

Natural Solutions PHC

204 W Pope St

Sylvester, GA 31791

Qest4 Student Discounts are Available.

Please call (229) 854-3204 to reserve your room
at a discounted rate


For those debating whether to go to the training in Georgia, I just completed that training and wanted to say, "Go"! The training was amazing. Renee and Alex are wonderful trainers. All of the staff were so kind and hospitable. It was so helpful to be able to ask questions and get the information from their extensive understanding and clinical experience. Before I went I didn't know how to understand the scans and what they meant and how to best utilize the results to help others, but now I feel so much more confident in knowing what to do and have gained a greater understanding of many of the amazing capabilities I have with this technology. I can't say enough about the night and day difference it made for me to attend that training in person.

And, the beautiful NSW Inn that they have right next door to stay in was perfect! It was such a nice place to stay and so convenient and stress-free being right next door. And it was so reasonably priced. I highly recommend staying there when you go!

- Susan B, May 2020

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